The Eephus League Scorebook

Over the past few years, I have become involved in some rather interesting projects that have nothing to do with church work and I have no good explanation why I do this other than something about what I saw caught my eye.

I have been a supporter of Kiva, a microloan organization which permits me to loan money to individuals and groups of people around the world for the purpose of assisting them in their lives. This is not related to the proclamation of the Gospel but I do value the opportunity to use my resources to help others better themselves. A couple of years ago, I even gave gift certificates to some of my friends for Kiva as an encouragement for them to become involved in this worthwhile endeavor. Maybe you might want to consider getting involved too.

I have also checked out Kickstarter, a kind of network of small entrepreneurs looking for funding for their ideas. Now here I have been very selective and only chosen two projects–one that developed a keyboard for the iPad and now the Eephus League Scorebook.

Just yesterday I received my box of scorebooks from Bethany Heck, the founder and developer of the books. They are something to behold and actually brought a tear to my eye as I remembered Father’s Day is coming up and my dad loved to keep score at all Cardinal’s games that we went to see. My friend, Helen, at the game we went to on Thursday purchased a “scorecard” which was a monstrosity of ads and nonsense. I actually had to help her find the pages where to keep score! What a waste!

These scorebooks are extremely well designed and you can keep 81 games in one book. With the hard cover there is a solid surface for taking notes on your lap and it will stand up to the rigors of a half season of use. I have a friend or two who love keeping score and then they save their scorecards for posterity. By having an Eephus League Scorebook, you have your records nicely bound and they can be filed away easily.

I am proud to be part of this project. Ms. Heck received almost 200% of her hoped for goal of $14,000 to make her project financially possible. There were a lot of people who believed in her and what she was doing. Now that she has started, I can only hope that this will be but the beginning of a commercially viable product for her.

What did I receive out of supporting the Eephus League Scorebook? I did get 6 copies of the scorebook and I received a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I am part of helping someone meet their goal of a dream come true.

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