Remember Those Sequester Cuts? How Badly Did They Hurt?

One of the big issues in Washington this past winter was the argument between the Obama administration and Congress about the reduction of the size of federal spending–aka sequester cuts. There were dire warnings trumpeted about how bad things were going to be for everyone if these cuts went into effect.

Please read this article from the Washington Post to see what the actual results are from the sequester cuts and you may or may not be surprised.

For most of us, there has been no ill effect upon our lives that we have felt. I did write about being caught up in the TSA slowdown during travel back in April, but even that was relatively minor and lasted for only a short period of time until Congress stepped in to try to straighten it out.

Once again, we see proof that our President’s administration’s bark is worse than its bite (and this is true of pretty much any President, regardless of which side of the political river he is from). Throwing out words of fear is all part of how they govern.

Kind of sad, isn’t it?

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