One Man’s Ugliest Churches

Here is a slideshow of one man’s version of the ugliest churches he could find. Now I have to grant that the majority of them are worthy of destruction because they don’t seem to bring much glory to God in their style and form of worship, but there are a few that aren’t so bad.

I’ll let you look through them to make up your own mind.

One thought on “One Man’s Ugliest Churches

  1. Obviously a list compiled by someone who just doesn’t like modern architecture. I found most to be quite striking and intriguing buildings. Yes, there were a few that were genuinely soulless, uninspired, and belong in the ugly category. Having lived in the southeast US Bible belt I’ve seen countless boring brick box churches that were a blight to the landscape (the one in Durham is by no means the ugliest to be found in NC!) Architecture particularly sacred architecture should be more than just utilitarian for architecture is an extension of the human body and should celebrate the wonders of creation. Yes, utilitarian has it’s place but in my book, the spaces we live, work, play, and pray in should be inspiring and reflect the wonders of our world.

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