Vacation Time

Gene Veith is one of my favorite bloggers and here is a link to his post today about America’s use (or misuse) of vacation time. When compared to other nations, Americans get few vacation days and then according to the study cited with Veith’s post, Americans usually feel guilty about being on vacation. They keep checking their work email, call back to the office, and find other ways to maintain connection to their workplace while they are supposed to be at rest.

Pastors are not much better, I’m afraid. Many pastors will interrupt their time away from church to rush back for “emergency” matters–funerals, hospitalizations, or even lesser situations. I wonder if we pastors feel that insecure that our congregations will forget us if we aren’t present for each and every activity of congregational life?

Having said all this, I will be posting infrequently the next couple of weeks due to my leaving to travel to St. Louis MO to serve as a delegate to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s national convention which meets from July 20-25. After that, I will be taking some days off for my own vacation.

I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to Ringwood until the 31st.

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