I Know It’s the Middle of Summer, But I’d Consider These Changes for Hockey


I can hear you now, that first of all, no one follows hockey except crazy people who love to see blood and fighting. I will take exception to that because I find the sport of hockey to be the fastest game around and if you ever attended a game in person you would be hooked for life. I guarantee it.

Second, it’s the middle of summer and it’s baseball time. Have you seen how my Cardinals have been playing for the past two weeks? I need something else to help ease the pain and divert the mind occasionally and hockey fits the bill.

So having said my piece, I want you to read an exceptionally well written article from ESPN.com on the topic of hockey and some proposed changed for the National Hockey League. Will any of these ever be considered for inclusion? I think so and I pray it’s soon. My favorite: have all the teams wear white unis for their home sweaters. I have never gotten used to these dark colors for home uniforms.

Will it keep Gary Bettman out of the picture? Of course not but we all can dream, can’t we?

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