When Can You Ignore the Law? When You’re the President of the United States

I came across this opinion piece written by George Will in the Washington Post this week and I must say it is rather enlightening. The difficulties with enacting those parts of Obamacare in 2014 are well documented and the way the federal government has found to deal with them is by just delaying it. In other words, the President and those who serve under him are ignoring the law.

We, the poor slugs of this country, are the beneficiaries of this behavior but it is still wrong and against the law. And I am wondering why there isn’t an outcry against this type of governing by those who can do something about it?

Maybe everyone realizes there is no better way to stop the nonsense called Obamacare than by those who were first responsible for it taking responsibility for actually enacting it and seeing it cannot be done.

One thought on “When Can You Ignore the Law? When You’re the President of the United States

  1. I’m all for The Affordable Care Act (ie: Obamacare). Is it perfect? no, but instead of trying to repeal (Congress 40 times and counting) what is now the law of the land – work to improve it…. Also, let’s take what George Will says with some skepticism – he has his own conservative agenda to push. If there was anything even resembling good will in Congress and a desire for the common good and expanding healthcare to all Americans – everyone should be working to perfect the law. Obama had the courage to tackle a problem that has been kicked down the road with every administration – many of the tenets in the law were Republican ideas, but once Obama embraced some of them, then it was suddenly not good. The worst thing to happen to recent American politics is the Tea-Party movement and the idiots they sent to Congress, who only want to obstruct progress on any front. Go Obama – Keep the Faith….

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