“The Bible Belt is Collapsing”

So says Russell Moore, the incoming president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission in an article from this past weekend’s Wall Street Journal that you can read here.

This is a very good article and I hope you take the time to read it. Rev. Moore is a Baptist who knows of what he speaks: that the culture of our country is changing rapidly and for the most part the church has not. That is why many people today view the church as irrelevant to their lives.

My Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is wrestling with this very issue and frankly, we’re not coming out looking too good. My own congregation struggles in trying to maintain a relevant position in our community and it is a very, very challenging time for us.

What is the answer? If all of us knew, we would share it with everyone else. That being said, we are called by our Lord to continue proclaiming His Word, administering His Sacraments, and servicing the needs of the people of this world in a way that constantly reflects the love of Jesus Christ our Savior. God never said it would be easy. But He did say He would be with us until the end of the world.

One thought on ““The Bible Belt is Collapsing”

  1. Bob,
    On some parts of the cultural issue, the church is not changing and that reflects the ignorance of the leaders, not the meaning of the church. But I think the major problem lies in the fact that the church is changing with the culture and that is what makes the church so irrelevant. People see a church as another group of people trying to market their product rather than living what they say. The church is so concerned about the culture that it has forgotten the people.
    The key, as you wrote in the last paragraph, is to do what the church is supposed to do and offer people (not the culture) what is needed.

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