“The Protection of Mickey Mouse is ESPN”

In today’s New York Times is a lengthy piece on the relationship between college football and the cable TV network, ESPN. You can read it here.

The quote I used as the headline for this post comes from former Disney chairman Michael Eisner and it describes the ability of the sports network to make money as it attempts to satisfy our country’s desire for athletics. As the Times article points out, ESPN, at times, creates its own market.

I used to watch Sportscenter regularly before the Internet blossomed but I don’t today. I can get my scores quickly and without all the other additional “fluff” that ESPN adds into their programming. Rarely do I watch any of ESPN’s shows anymore, including their live broadcasts, as my tastes have changed since I’ve grown older.

And it’s well known that most television channels target their shows to a much younger audience than my age group. My only complaint is the high cost of ESPN on my cable bill but there is one way to solve that.

Disconnect the cable box … and that day may be closer than we think.

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