You Think the Worst Drivers Are in Your Town? Check This Out

The Good Hands people from Allstate have published a list of the communities with the worst drivers–and the winner is–Washington DC! I can vouch for that having driven through that city a few times in recent years. You really do take your life in your hands when you get behind the wheel in DC.

Don’t know why only two towns from New Jersey made the list–Paterson and Newark. I suppose the rest don’t qualify for one reason or another and the Turnpike, the Parkway, or any of the other highways themselves just don’t fit in the categories. But I would stack them up against any city across the country for hosting the worst drivers of our planet.

Put a mild-mannered individual on the New Jersey Turnpike (and I don’t care what time of day it is) and they will turn into a wild eyed maniac who threatens the life and limb of fellow motorists before reaching the next exit. Don’t know if it’s the water, the air, or whatever, but they all drive as if they’re nuts on the Turnpike. Including me.

3 thoughts on “You Think the Worst Drivers Are in Your Town? Check This Out

    • According to the list, Lincoln ranks as the 19th best city in the country to drive and I will say from my experience of driving there the streets are very wide with many lanes and people are pretty well behaved. Of course, the population is only 225,000. And I have never been there when the University of Nebraska has a home football game (like tomorrow night) when 80,000+ fans are added to the Lincoln scene. The perception may change dramatically for those occasions.

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