A Normal Response

Yesterday was our day for Chapel with the children of our Nursery School at church and I am planning this year to help the children learn about the characteristics of Jesus, their Savior. So for this time I spoke about Jesus is our loving God and what that means for them.

Everything went well and Chapel ended. As the children left the sanctuary to head back to their classrooms, one the teachers overheard one young man saying, “Whew, that wasn’t too bad.” I believe he was referring to the Chapel service itself and I think he probably had not experienced a worship service before.

“Whew, that wasn’t too bad” is the way many adults approach worship of their Lord also. Not all that many years ago, what was considered regular attendance at worship services was weekly. Now for most folks, that has dwindled down to maybe at best once or twice a month.

When asked why they aren’t in worship more frequently, most have plenty of excuses but not a good explanation why coming to God’s House has dropped on their list of priorities. And when they do show up the response of the little boy at Chapel is something said to themselves indicating that it wasn’t all that bad to come and spend time with the Lord.

King David’s exclamation, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let go to the house of Lord!'” (Psalm 122:1) is not the first thought in most people’s minds these days. Instead, other activities and commitments tend to push worship of God farther and farther down in their minds as something that should be done. We allow ourselves to believe that we aren’t really missing that much by not being in worship. We think we can handle life without the knowledge of what God has done, is doing, and will do for us.

I argue that is mistaken thinking today. The evidence seems to support me as well. Marriages are shaky, relations with our children teeter on the point of non communication, handling the stresses of everyday living appears to overwhelm a lot of folks these days, and attempts are made to recreate a spiritual environment in our lives without turning to the Lord for assistance.

But our God offers us His Word of forgiveness, grace, and mercy which will wipe away so much of the needless concern about life. He is there to give us His strength from which He encourages us draw upon deeply and often for the problems we face. But if we don’t come to learn about His great gifts that He wants to give to us when we worship Him, we’ll struggle all the more as we try to solve our own problems.

Let our Heavenly Father refresh you with His Word. Come to hear of the Good News of all Jesus has done for you. It makes a difference in my life and I know it will do the same for you.

Then you’ll say like that little boy, “Whew, that wasn’t too bad” and our Lord will provide you with all you need to live a life of peace, knowing that God is on your side.

Make plans to worship Him this Sunday!

One thought on “A Normal Response

  1. It seems to me that part of the problem is that you guys (technical term for “pastors”) keep talking about sin, and you are still mostly against it! Seriously though, several years ago our church started a “three weeks missed” list that is generated from our attendance sheets (“friendship registry”) placed in the pews. Net effect, people try to get there at least once every three weeks to stay off the list. Your point is well stated and taken!

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