This Is Just Way Too Much Work …

I will never be able to enter such a competition, but you need to take a look at these beards and mustaches in this post from Twistedsifter.

God has not graced me with the ability to grow significant amounts of facial hair and I accept that. But the time and effort required to make most of these dudes look the way they do is just way over the top. For finding better ways to use my time, I am thankful.

2 thoughts on “This Is Just Way Too Much Work …

  1. C’mon, Bob, just admit it. You’d really love to have a beard! I think #13 would be a WONDERFUL look for you!! Here’s an idea — why don’t you just let all the hair on your body grow until the wedding and see what kind of look you have –I’m sure Barbara would love it!

  2. My grandfather had a handlebar mustach and he would let me wax and twirl it into many different
    shapes and configurations. That is my fondest memory of him.

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