Back to the World Series!

For those of you who have put away your “baseball things” because your team didn’t fare well this season, I want to inform you that the St. Louis Cardinals have won the National League Championship by beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 4 games to 2. They won their game Friday 9-0.

They will play either the Boston Red Sox or the Detroit Tigers and I’m sure it will be a great series.

I won’t say anything else because I don’t want to stir up further animosity against the Cardinals as there is enough jealousy already evident because of their success. This will be their fourth trip to the World Series in the past nine years.

May they play well!

One thought on “Back to the World Series!

  1. I first began listening to the Cardinals on KMOX radio while living in Denver, Colorado. I remember those nights when my dad would string out the antenna to the Hallicrafters radio and we would listen to Harry Carey broadcast the game. Then we moved back to the St. Louis area in 1965. Since then, I have followed the Cardinals season after season. I don’t know all the players (except the core of the ’64, ’67, and ’68 teams). I remember the heartbreak of the losses to Kansas City and Minnesota in ’85 and ’87.

    This year, there has been a great emphasis on the Cardinal Way and a lot of fun has been made of it. But the success of the Cardinals tells us there is something to it. Some say that it is an arrogance but I remember the Yankees of the 50s and that, to me, was arrogance. I remember when the Cardinals got Roger Maris before the ’67 season and knowing that this would be a good year because we appreciated him as a player.

    I can’t help but think that we can learn a lot from watching the Cardinals. It isn’t so much that they have a great farm team and the majority of the players on the team are “home-grown.” That won’t work for churches today because situations almost always require that the children grow up in the church but go away to school and work. But there is a love, if you will, that exists in the Cardinal way, where those outside are welcome and their contributions are valued. Too many churches today focus on their own church and they are not willing to let others in and that is part of the reason why we see so many churches in trouble.

    Christ gave us his best and that is what is expected from us. Christ loved us for who we are and we should love each other the same. When you hear people talk about the Cardinal way, they are saying the same thing. Give your best all the time and love your teammates as your friends. We could learn a lot from that.

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