It’s Time …

I have been respectful of my readers and haven’t bombarded you with all kinds of stuff about my St. Louis Cardinals these past few days, but with the World Series beginning this evening and the Cardinals taking the field against the Boston Red Sox, the gloves must come off.

Of course, I believe the Cardinals will win and whether they do it in 4, 5, 6, or 7 games doesn’t really matter to me. The team has withstood the test of the regular season and the opening rounds of the playoffs and are right where they belong. With excellent starting pitching, an outstanding bullpen, and timely hitting they should prevail.

People in Boston can say the same things as these are two evenly matched teams. It should prove to be a very entertaining World Series.

One more side note: Tim McCarver, one of the announcers for Fox (who will televise all games), will be retiring from his on air duties at the conclusion of the World Series. Here is what Dan Caesar of the St. Louis Post Dispatch wrote about McCarver: He signed with the Cardinals as a free agent in 1959, reached the big leagues for a brief stint that season before sticking in 1963 and blossoming into an All-Star catcher who played in three World Series with the club. After retiring he became a broadcaster, with his first World Series in the booth coming in 1985 — when the Cards faced the Kansas City Royals. Now this week he begins his record 24th Series on the national telecast of the Series — and again it’s the Cardinals as a participant, against the Boston Red Sox.

McCarver played for the Cardinals, began his run as a World Series announcer with the Cardinals playing and will end his career with the Cardinals playing again. That’s pretty remarkable. I attended his induction into baseball’s Hall of Fame as an announcer in 2012 at Cooperstown. That was a great day too.

May both teams play well and may the Cardinals win!

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