Maybe This Explains Why People Run

Here is an opinion piece in today’s Wall Street Journal that resonates with me about runners and maybe with you.

Now I know that many runners do it to be physically fit and my members who do typically don’t worry about their style of dress but there is another group in and around Ringwood that wear the gaudiest of outfits emblazoned with more decals for companies than I thought possible. Add to them the bikers who literally dare you to knock them off the road into kingdom come (remember, our beloved borough has not ONE sidewalk or bike lane anywhere within its environs!) and I am dodging these folks day and night in my travels around town.

But at least I’m inside my car where I’m comfortable with air conditioning when needed in the summer, heat when needed in the winter, a seat belt on at all times, a couple thousand air bags around me in case of an accident, a nice stereo playing in the background, and most importantly, I’m sitting on a comfortable seat to get to my destination.

The runners always look as if they are being chased by someone who will be giving them an enema at any moment and they are gearing up for the experience. They never smile, always are grimacing. What fun is that? Oh, they’re looking for the “runner’s high.” Lord knows where they will find because it sure looks like it has escaped them.

Those bikers appears to be on a death march themselves with no hope of salvation. All they will get out of their activity are blisters on their rear ends. Not my idea of a good time.

May the Lord continue to bless these folks who cherish their running and biking. Too many think their activities are their salvation but God knows better.

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