Beware, Turkey Shortage–But Be Careful How You Read This

Just in time to drive those who cook nuts–Butterball announces there will be a shortage of fresh turkeys for this Thanksgiving. You can read about it here.

Now that I have you all worried and fretting about whether or not you can make it to the store in time to get your bird, stop and look at what this headline and story actually says.
First, this only affects those turkeys that weigh more than 16 pounds (apparently they aren’t eating like they normally do). Second, this affects only fresh turkeys. All frozen birds are doing just fine. That makes sense–they’ve been dead for some time.

Third, and most important, this only impacts the Butterball brand of turkey. If you purchase another brand of bird, you will have no problem.

I am willing to bet that most people who read the headline will see only the words “turkey shortage” and “this Thanksgiving” and thereby come up with the wrong assumption that there won’t be enough turkeys for everyone and their Thanksgiving meal. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It pays to read completely and thoroughly before jumping to conclusions. Now make that mad dash to the store for your bird!

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