Characteristics of a Wonderful Woman–Part ???

I confess I have not been posting much lately and I could put the blame on Christmas but that would not be fair. My activities surrounding the birth of our Savior don’t suck up that much of my energy so I won’t even think about going in that direction.

The truth is my priorities have changed dramatically during the past months and I am preparing for the joy of my wedding, now less than a month away. When I started writing this blog it was a way to take my mind away from my situation at home with my wife and her depression. Following her death and the development of my relationship with my fiance, my mind and life were quite involved with other activities. And that is a very good thing!

In saying all of this, I realize I need to tie up one thing I have been writing about–my series of posts about my vision concerning characteristics of a wonderful woman. Please understand this not only describes an ideal in my mind but also the woman I love, my fiance, Barbara as well. I am permitted such liberties and so would you if you wrote your own blog.

I am not going to track down the previous posts in this series today–you can do the searching yourself. But I do want to conclude with one final post with a pair of characteristics that I view as being interrelated–care and compassion.

A wonderful woman who has faith in her Lord will naturally overflow with that faith in works of care and compassion for others. This cannot be stopped. It is a natural result of a life of trust and devotion to God. Care and compassion is simply mirroring the love of Jesus in our life. What dd our Savior say? He came, “not to be served but to serve.” (Matthew 20:28) This is what I believe a wonderful woman (and a great man, too) always wants to do for God and her fellow humans.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it, but it is much more challenging to carry out. The risks, the energy expended, the time devoted, the lack of concern about oneself–all these things can take a toll on the individual and make the person wonder if the investment in care and compassion truly is “worth it.” I know the answer–and so do you–that the rewards are not always counted for us here on this earth but our Lord knows what we do in His name.

I have watched Barbara serve the needs of others for many years and she just keeps giving to help in any way she can. That has touched me deeply and it is truly one part of her that attracts me to her. She will use every last ounce of her time and energy to make sure the needs of others are met. That remains an unforgettable image in my mind.

The superficial, self-centerness demonstrated by way too many women and men today really turns me off. Those folks who are afraid to roll up their sleeves, get dirty, and discover the pains and needs of their fellow citizens make me wonder why are they unwilling to engage in those things that truly matter. I’m not even going to call it God’s work but helping those who are hurting or in need should touch every one of us. But I have seen some live as if they are ignorant to the world around them. That’s wrong.

Care and compassion–putting your faith into action. That’s what God calls us to do. That is a wonderful characteristic of a wonderful woman and I have found it plus all the others in the woman I am to be married to next month. God has been very gracious to me!

If you have noticed as I have worked through my list of characteristics of a wonderful woman, you did not find me including anything like physical beauty, lots of money, a funny laugh, and the like. I didn’t even speak about the woman’s family–being for it or against it–or the other countless issues that seem to cause relationships to implode these days.

That’s because my belief is the characteristics I listed (now if you haven’t gone searching for the earlier ones, you’ll have to do so) are the only ones that truly matter. When a man and woman come together, the Lord brings them together and He will keep them together when they put their faith and their lives in Him.

Barbara and I have done just that–we have put ourselves in God’s hands knowing He will not fail in guiding us. The rewards we have seen as our relationship has developed has taken our breath away all because our God is with us.

If you are looking for partner for life, my advice to you is to turn to God first. He knows what He is doing and He will show you the woman or the man He has for you. Just trust in Him.

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