“Let’s Move the Nation’s Capitol to Nebraska”

Dr. Gene Veith writes a very entertaining blog entitled, “Cranach, the Blog of Veith,” where he touches on various topics related to living life as Christians in our world today. More than a few of my ideas for posts have come from thoughts mentioned by Dr. Veith.

This is part of what he has written in a post he called “Move the nation’s capitol to Nebraska”:

Ben Sasse is running for the senate in Nebraska. I have known him personally for a long time in different capacities, and he’s a good guy. He’s a Lutheran, and I’ve worshiped with him at Immanuel in Alexandria, where he attended when he lived in the D.C. area.

I know at least one of you will cringe at the exaltation of rural midwestern values, and I admit that some of the conventions of the genre–brilliantly realized in this video–can get kind of cheesy (the waving flags, the obligatory interview with the wife and kids, etc.). But Ben presents himself ridiculously well. As for his signature issue here, I am pretty sure he is (mostly) being ironic and metaphorical, but he’s got himself a clever slogan, one that voters will remember and that sets him apart from the pack in the Republican primary.

Here is the video Sasse and his team have produced for this campaign:

Since I am headed to Lincoln, Nebraska in two weeks for my wedding, this post and video got my attention. If solving our country’s problems would be as easy as moving the leaders of our nation to the middle of a cornfield in the Great Plains region of the Midwest, I’d be leading the parade. The mindset exhibited in Washington D.C. is completely wrong–it doesn’t matter which political party you support.

Since the vast majority of us cannot vote in the Nebraska US senate primary, we can have no influence upon this race. But all of us certainly can continue to pray for the leaders of our nation, asking the Lord to help bring some sense back to those elected (and appointed) to lead us.

One thought on ““Let’s Move the Nation’s Capitol to Nebraska”

  1. Don’t agree with half of what he says – I think Obamacare, will as the years go by, and it is consistently improved upon, be one of finest legislative accomplishments of the 21st century for our country…

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