Who’s Your Mama?

Our culture today tells us we can have anything we want. If you want it or have a desire for it, it must be good for you.

So I come across this story on Yahoo which describes how a woman is going to have a baby–for her daughter. She is literally giving birth to her own granddaughter. And if you want to further take a look at the relationships here, the child’s biological mother could be considered to be her sister!

Surrogate parenting has always made me queasy because I don’t believe this is how our Heavenly Father intended for us to have children. Way back in the book of Genesis, God was pretty clear about who was to have children: a man and a woman who are married. God said: “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth …” (Genesis 1:28) I don’t find anywhere in the Bible the Lord telling woman and man that it’s all right for you to have children by using a third person as a surrogate.

Now I can hear the uproar from many who remind us that God gave us our minds and intellect and if we are able to develop methods outside of natural ways of conception, then we should be able to use them. After all, the goal is trying to bring a child to life for a family. Who is being hurt here, my critics will say? All that is being accomplished is letting a couple have their dream of a child.

It that really God’s goal in commanding married couples to “be fruitful and multiply”? Remember, we live in a sin-filled world and there are many things that I cannot have. For example, I would have loved to be able to bowl a perfect, 300 game but I neither had the skill nor the time to practice to achieve that goal. There are devices today which would allow me to roll the exact same ball 12 times and I could score 300 but I don’t think that would be quite what was intended. When it comes to having children, we seemingly are able to suspend the “rules” so that our specific goal can be achieved.

This is an area where my church, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has been strangely silent about what is in accordance with God’s Word and what is not. They will jump into the middle of things about all sorts of “life issues” concerning abortion but not a peep about this. And our members are left to form their own answers and pastors have that feeling that some of things we’re doing aren’t quite right but there’s no one to provide leadership or answers.

Maybe I’m the one who is wrong. After all, I’m not a woman and have never experienced the maternal instinct to want to have children. But I still wonder if surrogate parenting isn’t outside of what our Lord is speaking when He tells parents to go and have children.

This is a challenging area and I pray our Lord gives us the guidance we need to make the proper choices.

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