“Are You Nervous Yet?”

The question, “Are you nervous yet?” has been asked of me by a lot of people in recent days. What this is all about is my upcoming wedding, now a week away. I must be truthful and say that I am not nervous but rather excited at what will happen in just a few days.

I’m not nervous because I know, with God’s help and leadership, what I am about to do is the absolute right thing for me and my fiance. We realize we have been brought together by our Lord and He will be with us through our wedding day, and more importantly, our life together as husband and wife in the days and years ahead. I feel very confident that what we have decided to do is being blessed by our Heavenly Father and that certainty is very comforting.

Not every decision of my life has been accompanied by that knowledge. There have been choices I made where I wrestled for a long time, not knowing exactly what I should do and even after I have made a decision, moments of doubt have crept in.

But in this instance of Barbara and I joining together as husband and wife, there is complete confidence that what we are about to embark upon is the exact right direction for our lives. Knowing that helps to remove fear from one’s heart. And that is very, very good!

All of Barbara’s household possessions were loaded up yesterday to be moved here to New Jersey. That’s the last major piece for her to finish in preparation for our wedding and her move across the country. She was exhausted after the movers left and that is completely understandable. A lot of time has been devoted to this project and much physical energy expended to get everything ready for the move. Add to that the emotional strain she has been placed under as she prepares to move away from a strong group of family and friends who have supported her and it’s easy to see why she was pooped yesterday.

But there is no nervousness on her part either. She knows this is what her Lord wants her to do. How does she know that? By being in constant communication with God through reading God’s Word and prayer, Barbara feels strongly that this is His will for her life. She is excited about the changes taking place all around her.

When we come together next Saturday and exchange our wedding vows, Barbara and I do so with the knowledge this is what God has laid out for our lives. We look forward to our new relationship and we are confident God will be there, right in the middle of everything. That’s where He belongs.

We will work to keep God in the center too. Through our commitment to family devotions, prayer, and the study of God’s Word, He will be the center focus of our marriage. We trust Him to lead us, forgive us, and support us every day.

Our wedding celebration will be a rather low-key affair. The service will take place at her church where we will be surrounded by a smallish group of family and friends. The reception will happen in the church’s Fellowship Hall and will not be a lavish event. That “big” type of activity is just not our style. We realize there is much more to marriage than just the wedding and all the fuss that surrounds that day. There will not be a big reception with a lavish meal, blaring DJ, and all the other accessories that so many couples today think are necessary to make their wedding day memorable. What will make our day unforgettable for us is knowing that our Lord is with us and will remain with us in the days that follow.

Our honeymoon will be at a small place in the middle of Iowa. Iowa? Yes, Iowa. You should see the looks I get from people when I answer where our destination will be for our first days together. Once again, couples today are conditioned in their belief that they need to go to an exotic location for their honeymoon (especially in the middle of winter, someplace warm). But we just want a place where we can spend time together, quietly, by ourselves. Remember, we have only been together just a few days during our entire time of courtship. Being some 1300 miles apart provides an entirely different perspective on what truly is important when we are together. Add to that my responsibilities as pastor of a church and my desire not to be apart from the congregation for an extended period of time just changes what is important for us in how we spend our time. There will be plenty of time in the months ahead for us to do the traveling we want to do.

All of these details, planned out the way they are, helps to lessen any feelings of nervousness. Now, if the Lord has other plans for us, we are open to that as well. We trust Him to know what is best for us. That trust allows us to travel the journey of these next few days knowing things will work out as God intends.

Exciting times? You bet. Nervous? Nope, and I’m more than happy to let my Heavenly Father take charge of everything.

One thought on ““Are You Nervous Yet?”

  1. Bob,
    It has been interesting reading of this courtship and I know that both of you have found happiness in each other.

    May God offer his blessings on this marriage and your future as a couple. May God be with you as you travel to Nebraska and return with your bride to your new life in New Jersey.

    In peace and with God,
    Tony Mitchell

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