You’re From Where? But You Don’t Talk Like Those People

If you read the New York Times, you may have already seen this test but this was the Times’ favorite article for 2013–and it was only posted on December 21!

Take this test to determine what part of the country your manner of speaking–your dialect–comes from.

There must be some accuracy to it as the city my speech patterns most resemble is … St. Louis MO (my hometown)!

Also, my pattern of speech fits with Mobile AL and Montgomery AL. I guess that’s what happens when you live in the South for 11 years.

Have fun with it.

4 thoughts on “You’re From Where? But You Don’t Talk Like Those People

  1. I took that test when it came out and I was quite surprised by the results. For all the time that I have spent in the South, Texas, and Missouri, the results of the test said that I was from Rochester, New York! It may be that all of the places that I have lived (plus the fact that the longest I have lived any place – 14 years – in New York) combined to give those results.

  2. Mine came up pretty accurately — St. Louis, Lincoln (NE) and Toledo (OH). So, my home town and where I have lived for 90% of my life (St. Louis), and two other Midwestern towns! Pretty interesting!

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