Safely arrived

Some of you may be interested in knowing that I traveled yesterday to Lincoln NE in preparation for our wedding. With all the snow that fell along the East Coast, you might think I had delays and problems. That was not the case for me and it was actually a very good day of travel.

What helped was my early departure. First flight left at 7:30 (on time) so not even a hint of snow was in the air. Actually, when I woke up the skies were clear and the moon shining brightly. I arrived in Chicago early and proceeded to settle in for my layover.

And this is where the blessings of good friends really showed. For a number of years I have used a service called “Cranky Concierge” to assist me with my flights. I first heard about this company while listening to Peter Greenburg’s travel show on XM satellite radio. The company’s founder, Brett Snyder, was interviewed and he explained the purpose of Cramky Concierge was to provide assistance to those who are flying so that the traveler has the best chance to get to his destination with as few problems as possible.

Let me give you an example. I flew this last December to Lincoln to celebrate my fiancé’s birthday. The day before my leaving for home, I received a text message from Brett’s company that my flight from Lincoln had been cancelled (apparently the plane never arrived at Lincoln for some reason). My travel assistant quickly found another flight for me on that Monday out of Omaha (about an hour away) and got me booked on it. I was able to still make it home that day.

Where this really helped was that I would not have known about the flight cancellation until I would have checked on Monday and then I would have had the messy knot to unravel by myself of how to get back to New Jersey (and you know the hassles involved with that). Cranky Concierge saved me one big headache.

Now where this post is going is that Brett and I have developed a friendship during my time of using his services. At the beginning, he was a one man operation so I would deal directly with him. Today, he has a multi-person staff but I still write him about his blog, The Cranky Flier, which is filled with interesting information about the airline industry. We would talk about personal events in our lives–the birth of his two children and the death of my wife–and I know he will do his best for me when I need him.

So Brett knew why I was flying to Lincoln this time and as a wedding gift, he sent me a pass to the United Club at O’Hare for my layover. Now I know how frequent flyers live while traveling and it isn’t bad! With comfortable seating, plenty of food, and a great view of the runways it was a great way to spend several hours between flights.

My last flight to Lincoln arrived early and so I’m here all ready to go for the wedding this Saturday. The Lord was truly watching over me yesterday and I am thankful.

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