Robotic Gas Pumps–Wouldn’t That Be Nice in Winter?

Here’s something else that was mentioned while I was on my honeymoon–a suburban St. Louis MO company is developing a robotic gas delivery system. You can read about it here.

If this catches on, what it means is that you won’t have to leave your car to fill the gas tank. Oh, wait a minute, we already have the luxury here in New Jersey where state law prohibits drivers from filling their vehicles (I believe this is the law also in Oregon).

The only problem I can see is that the replacement device for your car or truck’s gas filler cap is specific for this type of system. There will certainly be other systems that will be developed and the question is will a car be able to switch between systems or are you stuck at that gas station that has compatible equipment for your car?

It may be higher cost at the outset but when you factor in the reduction of overhead costs due to salary and benefits for employees, I can see this catching on very quickly. Then no one will remember how to pump their own gas.

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