Where’s the Devotion?

In searching through the archives of Rev. Earl Fedderson’s devotions, I discovered that during the eight years he wrote them for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s Board for Missions he did not write any for the 7th or 8th Sundays after the Epiphany of our Lord in Series A of the lectionary. Therefore, I have no devotion from Rev. Fedderson for this Sunday or the following Sunday. I apologize to everyone who looks forward to his thought provoking words but they will resume with a devotion for Transfiguration Sunday (this year March 2).

Meanwhile, we are experiencing heavy snow–the heaviest I have seen all winter–and most everyone has stayed home today. I thank God for computers and our current technology which allows us to work remotely from our offices and other places of employment.

Sadly though, my older confirmation class is once again missing a class this afternoon and now I’ve got to start thinking about how we can make up lost class time. This is our third class missed this year! That has got to be a record for me as I do not recall another winter that disrupted my classes like this one has. It will all work out in the end.

Finally, I officiated at a small wedding last evening at Christ the King for a lovely couple from our congregation. There was a small reception following at the home of the bride’s mother and one of the major topics of discussion was whether or whether not Britt and Duncan will make their flight this morning for California and the Napa Valley for their 4 day honeymoon. Their flight was scheduled to depart a couple of hours ago so I pray they were able to leave as planned. If not, I pray they enjoy the snow!

3 thoughts on “Where’s the Devotion?

  1. Bob,
    What years did Rev. Fedderson write the devotions? I noticed in my own records that in the period from 1999 to 2014, there have been only six 7th Sundays after the Epiphany and only two of them (2011 and 2014) were Year A.

  2. Tony,
    Rev. Fedderson wrote from 1996-2004 and the years Series A popped up (1998-99 and 2001-02) were years with Easter falling on an earlier date.

    How much snow did you receive? I just went out to look at our cars (neither is in the garage due to my wife’s boxes which are being unpacked) and there was what seems to be more than a foot of snow on them. Add that to what we received earlier and things are getting pretty deep around here. Plus there’s more to come this evening.

    What do you say? Let’s go to Florida for spring training! Be safe.

    • I didn’t start really preaching until the summer of 1999 so I wouldn’t see much in the early part of 99 and not much in 98. It is always interesting how the movement of Easter affects the liturgical calendar.

      We got at least a foot and the drifts were close to 2 feet. Like I said on Facebook, I think we have gotten more snow this season that in all the previous 14 years. That may not be the case but it sure seems like it.

      It is hard to grasp as we look on a never ending blanket of white that spring training actually starts in a couple of days.

      But I am reminded of a comment a professor at Memphis State made after his sabbatical year at the Air Force Academy – he noted that it snowed in October and he didn’t see the front lawn of the place where he lived until May.

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