Using E-Readers Can Increase Your Depth of Reading

Another survey is out (don’t you love all the surveys which seemingly contradict each other?) from the United Kingdom which seems to support that those individuals who use E-Readers read with more depth and understanding. You can read the article from here.

I don’t know about the original findings of this survey, but I do agree with an underlying premise–those who can afford E-Readers will most likely read more. Therefore, those who are less affluent than the rest of society are at a distinct disadvantage because if they can’t afford an E-Reader they won’t be reading more or experiencing greater depth in their reading.

Wouldn’t it be great if a movement to provide E-Readers for the disadvantaged began to pick up steam? Maybe then we could truly find out if surveys of this type mentioned in the above article are really representative of everyone. Otherwise, we simply end of guessing at the result.

There’s some food for thought …

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