What Do You Think?

The following video is quite the rage over at YouTube and I’ll let you watch it for yourself:

Is the lady who took the video partly responsible for the actions of the other driver? She claims she was in the inside lane (of two lanes) because “she couldn’t get over” but I saw plenty of space for her to do that which would have allowed the truck to pass her properly. She also mentions the reason why she sped up was “the speed limit increased and so did she.” Is that a valid reason?

Also, she is taking the video while driving but she claims she was not distracted and kept her eyes on the road. That’s hard to believe.

You form your own opinion–was she or was she not a party to the man’s actions?

One thought on “What Do You Think?

  1. Everyone makes their own decisions. he didn’t have to pass her the way he did.
    Also, her laugh was funny as hell…

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