Noah–The Movie

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I went to see the movie, Noah, and what we saw was not what we expected. I left with an unsatisfied feeling as the director, Darren Aronofsky, developed a completely different vision of Noah than I had. Mr. Aronofsky used most of his source material from outside the Bible and that creates major problems for me. The movie just doesn’t fit with what the Bible says.

Here is a complete review of the movie by Rev. Ted Giese, a Canadian pastor. Pastor Giese does a very good job in examining the movie.

I had told my Sunday morning Bible class last week that maybe they should go and see the movie. This was based on what I had heard and read before it’s release. Sadly, I will go back to them tomorrow and let them know they should save their money ($11.50 a ticket around here for an afternoon showing!) and read their Bibles once more for the story and message God wants us to know.

At least I know that is truth. What Aronofsky showed me wasn’t even close.

2 thoughts on “Noah–The Movie

  1. I agree with you I was very disappointed in movie if you haven’t seen it save your money unless you like science fiction

  2. When I saw that outer space shot in the trailer I knew something was up…
    (…so if Trailers come before movies, why are they called Trailers?)
    {And for the record, a Virgin Mudslide is just a Milkshake!}

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