Blood Moon Coming

Dr. David Peters, a member of the faculty of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, has written a very interesting article entitled, “Blood Moon Lunacy.” This is how he begins:

“As if you didn’t have enough to worry about with your federal and state income tax forms due on April 15, now there is one more matter to be concerned with. On that day (or actually at night) the moon will turn red, manifesting what many call a “blood moon.” Many Christians see this as heralding a dramatic event in “end times” prophecy. Likely some members of Lutheran congregations who watch premillennial preachers or read the literature of such ilk will be asking their pastors to provide an interpretation of this celestial event.

During the early morning hours of April 15 one will be able to observe a total lunar eclipse. This phenomenon occurs when the sun, the earth, and the moon are in straight linear alignment. The result is that the earth’s shadow completely covers the moon, which is in a full phase. The shadow darkens the moon’s reflection of the sun’s light with a reddish-brown hue, which is caused by refraction of the sunlight by our planet’s atmosphere. This is similar to the way in which the earth’s atmosphere causes the sun to turn red at sunset.”

I encourage you to read his entire article here.

I pray you find Dr. Peters’ words helpful and informative. I certainly did.

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