Helicopter Parents

A few weeks ago, I came across this article on The Federalist concerning helicopter parents (parents who tend to “hover” over their children). I forgot to mark the article and I lost where I had read it.

But today another article touching on the same subject on The Federalist caught my eye. Here is that article for you to read.

From my perspective, if my mom had been hovering over me I would have gone nuts. Remember, I was an only child and so at home during the day it was just me and my mom. I was looking for an excuse to get out the house and away from her scrutiny, even though it was very understated. She never knew how far my neighborhood friends and I went some days on our bikes (maybe 6-8 miles from home!). She never found out about my trips to a nearby drainage ditch to catch crawdads and throw rocks at rats (the police saw us and chased us out).

Even though my son died at a very early age (6 years old), I was always able to let him do things on his own without me having to know every last detail of his life. He was living life to its fullest and I wanted him to experience as much as he could without my interference. But I was still concerned for him and did not neglect him.

We can’t protect our children from everything; there are things they have to find out for themselves. Experience is a great educator. And I know our Heavenly Father is watching over us always. That provided me with the assurance that my son would be all right.

Anyway, a kid deserves to have some private moments apart from mom and dad. It seems as if helicopter parents are doing their best to remove those wonderful times from their child and it’s no wonder the stress between parent and child is increasing today. Let them go and God will be there for them.

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