Hey! No Tree Pollen Here

My wife and I arrived in our new community yesterday after a pleasant drive from New Jersey. Once we crossed the Pennsylvania state line, traffic thinned out and we had a great view of God’s world traveling westward.

When we arrived back in New Jersey last week, one of the first things we noticed was the tree pollen. You could feel it in your breathing and see the green dust on cars. Coming further west and south, we see more mature growth of the seasonal development of the trees and we feel better. Of course it’s warmer in Arkansas–close to 90 when we got to Holiday Island–but I will accept that over the pollen.

We had much anticipation in our hearts as we drove up to our new home as there were areas we were going to explore. You see, when we saw our house in February we looked at it as a very nice house but weren’t considering purchasing it. Circumstances changed and we did buy it but there were parts of we had never seen. So we went on our expedition and had a great time.

The ladies of our new congregation had stocked the refrigerator with delicious food items plus other essentials for the home and made us very welcome. Delores and Earl met us with a key and let us in so we were on our way. Later, they took us out for supper to a newly opened restaurant in our community and I met the owner who invited me to stop in and we could talk. This is great to get this kind of invitation as I am hoping to develop some strong relationships with the business owners of our town for further possibilities for ministry in the future. I also had stopped by our new bank and the manager introduced me to the entire staff. She told me about her own spiritual journey and her impressions of our town. All I want is to have the door opened a little to speak about the Lord and God will take care of the rest.

The moving van arrives in couple of hours and it will be exciting to start putting our home together. Also tiring but that will be a good feeling too.

It’s great to be in Holiday Island, Arkansas. This is where God wants my wife and I to be.

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