One of parts of moving I like the least is unpacking all the boxes of my stuff. Typically I procrastinate before I move and don’t make the necessary decisions about whether or not to get rid of things I haven’t used for a long time. Then I pay the price for my indecision when I unpack all the good and bad things I have brought to my new destination. Choices need to be made and that takes time.

So I am sitting in my nice, new comfortable office at church wondering what to do with all my stuff. I could just say that it’s all important but that would be less than the truth. I have discovered some things I haven’t used in over 10 years! Now, what to do with that stuff?

My solution is to put it back in the boxes from which it came and then deal with those boxes. I could store them but that is just delaying the inevitable. Therefore I’m making choices of where the stuff will end up (and it certainly won’t be on the shelves here at church!).

Doesn’t this sound like what we often times do in our lives–delaying the necessary decisions to “clean up” our lives? We have those pet sins that we know we need to rid ourselves but they are so comfortable and maybe even convenient that we really don’t want to turn loose of them at this time. But we know if we don’t, with God’s help, change our ways there will be a significant price to pay down the road.

So what is a person to do? The best choice is always to turn to our Heavenly Father and ask for His guidance. Also, we need to ask for His strength to tackle those difficult problems we’ve been putting off. We can bury our heads in order to hide from the issue but that’s not going to address it. These troublesome areas of our life–whether it be procrastination, conflict with another person, or whatever–don’t usually fade away or answer themselves. But with our Lord’s assistance, the answers will be made known to us and He will help us in facing them.

I’ve got lots of boxes and I will be dispensing with them before this Sunday. I pray your solutions to your challenging situations can be addressed very soon.

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