I Never Finished the Story

Life has settled down for us and it dawned on me that I had promised to write a little more about our honeymoon trip to Canada but never got around to it. Here are the highlights:

Canadian airline, Westjet, is a very good airline to fly with. We flew from Toronto to Vancouver (a five hour flight) and we arrived refreshed and ready to go. The secret–they had the most room between rows of any plane I’ve been on for several years. You didn’t feel squished and could stretch out comfortably.

Vancouver is a beautiful city with the mountains not far away and the Pacific Ocean almost next door but I still don’t want to live there. When our tour guide mentioned that rent for a one bedroom apartment ran between $1000 to $2000 a month and many of the homes we saw were selling for over a million dollars, it caused me to thank God I lived where I did.

Vancouver Island is a wonderful location with plenty to do. We spent a couple of days in Victoria and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. One afternoon was spent whale watching in the Pacific (we saw two Orcas and followed them for about an hour) and another morning was given to touring the Butchart Gardens. They are just as beautiful as the web site shows.

Several days were spent in the Canadian Rockies in places like Whistler, Banff, Emerald Lake, and Jasper. It truly was a beautiful sight. We even walked on a glacier and it was obvious that if you weren’t careful, you could easily slip on the ice (not that I or anyone else with us did that …).

After traveling by coach (and once again there was plenty of legroom which made life comfortable plus we were never on the bus more than two hours at any one time), we left Jasper on the Canadian, our trans-Canada train which would bring us to Toronto. With domed observation cars and plenty of other seating with good window views everyone could see the world pass by. Our train left Wednesday afternoon and we arrived at our destination Saturday morning. So many special touches on the train: we had flowers, candy, and champagne awaiting us; our first evening’s dinner was served to us in our room; our special suite (two regular rooms with the center wall pushed away) had the two lower berths joined together for a queen-sized bed; the attention to detail was very nice and the meals were outstanding. We met very nice people who were traveling with us and the changing countryside always provided something new to look at.

When we arrived in Toronto, we went to our hotel and then had a tour of the city on the top of a double decker bus. This city is growing so quickly it is expected the population will double by 2020! Currently, there are 2.8 million citizens in Toronto. On our trip, we ate at many unique places like the Benihana in Toronto where we were given the show of the chef preparing our meal right before our eyes. It tasted good too!

Then we headed to Niagara Falls and we flew over the Falls in a helicopter and went into them on a boat. We also lost our tour group for a period of time before we caught up to them. I wasn’t too concerned about being left behind–I knew I could figure out how to get back to Toronto and then give them grief for forgetting us!

The highlight of our trip was the people we met and spent our tour with. Almost all of the members of our tour were from Australia and they were all engaging and warm individuals. Barbara and I had a wonderful time with them.

I pray all of you have an opportunity to take a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to see. We are thankful our Canadian trip was so memorable and a perfect honeymoon trip.

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