We Are Spoiled

Take a long look at this article posted by Marty Smith, a writer for ESPN who focuses on NASCAR, about what he discovered going through his grandparent’s/parent’s attic.

Smith is focusing on the NASCAR memorabilia but there is another point he makes that caught my eye–today’s generations are spoiled in how we look at our possessions. How quickly we throw things away because we think it doesn’t work, doesn’t fit our current lifestyle, or for a thousand other reasons. We don’t really value what we have as everything is so easily replaceable.

I remember going through my mother’s refrigerator and discovering a few things that made me scratch my head wondering why she kept them. But she grew up during the Depression and had a whole different sense of value about her possessions than I have. When you don’t have much, those things become just a little more valuable. I have much and I don’t place anywhere near the same amount of valuation on my things as did my parents.

As a steward of what God has given me, I need to rethink my valuation of things. This has become painfully obvious to me during my recently completed move to Arkansas. How much do I need to be happy? What do I do with those things that don’t seem to work anymore or don’t fit in with my lifestyle?

It’s almost embarrassing to see all the possessions I have and how little appreciation I give to my Heavenly Father for His love to bless my life with these things. It’s also sad to recall those times when I have placed more faith in my possessions instead of the Lord. I thank God that He has forgiven me for my mixed up values. And I pray that He will continue to show me the proper perspective of where those things ought to fit into my life.

I’m spoiled; you’re spoiled. Let’s thank the Lord for all we have and ask for His guidance in how we use our possessions.

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