There Are How Many Museums?

Here is an article from a few weeks ago in the Washington Post (I’m catching up on my reading) reminding us there are more museums throughout our country than we realize. And I’m sure there is a museum close to you.

Museums serve several purposes–the least of which is to make money. They are repositories of history, of art, of all kinds of things. And they are all available for your viewing.

My friends, Brian and Shannon, on their blog “Everywhere Once” had this post yesterday which got me thinking about museums. Within their post was a link to the Washington Post article I mentioned above. (What, you thought I had a pile of old Post newspapers by my chair??)

My wife and I intend to go to one of the newest museums in Northwest Arkansas this Sunday, the Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville. Following our tour of this museum we will be heading to the Walmart AMP (an outdoor concert venue in Rogers AR) to listen to Steve Martin (yes, the comedian) and the Steep Canyon Rangers perform some wonderful bluegrass tunes. Martin is an outstanding banjo player and sings pretty well too. Go to YouTube and check out some of his work. You’ll be impressed.

The point to all of this is we should all be taking advantage of the museums in our area. They serve a worthwhile purpose in enhancing our lives.

BTW, I saw the Mona Lisa back in 1973 and there were no crowds and the picture isn’t memorable at all. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the work of Van Gogh in Amsterdam or the museums in Florence and Rome. Those are great memories!

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