What Happens When We Learn How Valuable Our Vocations Are

This is just a neat video but look and listen how cocoa bean farmers and workers feel about their jobs when they taste chocolate for the first time:

How do you and I respond when we discover how valuable are our vocations (jobs, tasks) to those around us or even among those we’ve never met? In our video, we see men who don’t really know what is done with the cocoa beans they raise and harvest and they are somewhat confused as to the point of their labor (except to bring in money for their families). But when they taste the chocolate which comes from their crops everything changes. They have a brighter outlook on what they’re doing because they understand the value of their work.

So it is with us. When we have a clear picture of what we’re accomplishing by our jobs, either in the workplace or at home, a sense of purpose develops and we attack our tasks with greater enthusiasm.

If you’re having trouble convincing someone–a son or daughter perhaps–that what they’ve been asked to do at home is worthwhile, find a way to convey the good they are doing by carrying out their vocation and I’ll bet they will be much more willing to do what is asked of them.

Take a good look at what you are doing everyday. It’s probably more valuable than you ever realize!

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