Now I Know Why Members Have Their Heads Down During My Sermons

Here is an interesting article about fact-checking your pastor’s sermons. The point made by the author is that preachers need to do a better job of researching the illustrations intended for their sermons to make sure they are true.

Also, we preachers are notorious for quoting statistics that are nowhere close to the truth. Take a look at the examples given by Mr. Smietana:

Church members get divorced at the same rate as anyone else.
The church in the U.S. is dying.
Most Christian young people are shacking up and having sex.
Half of ministers want to quit their jobs.
Youth groups are driving teenagers out of the church in droves.
A third of divorces in America are caused by Facebook.

Is it any wonder that there are fewer and fewer people attending church when they figure out they can’t trust what they hear?

I know I have been guilty of the previously mentioned sins. I have tried mightily to check and double check these illustrations before using them. But I know I’ve made mistakes.

So there are two options for me: 1) Use fewer of these kind of illustrations; or 2) Tell more “real life” stories involving my family (aka my wife). I think I’ll try number one because if I attempt to do number two my odds of getting lunch after Sunday worship will decrease dramatically!

The lesson to be learned here is never be afraid to question what your pastor says. His message should always come from God’s Word and that’s always easy to double check.

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