Why We Type Those Typos

All of us type (well maybe not those using tablets or smartphones) and we all make mistakes–typos, they are called. You misspell a word that you can spell correctly in your mind without any trouble but when you are called to type it out something changes. Have you become dumber?

The answer is: No. Here is an article from Wired.com that explains why our typing fails us.

My mind is chugging along and my fingers try to keep up when I type. Often there is a several word difference between where my mind is and what I’m trying to communicate through the keyboard. And there is where typos come from.

What about those words you just can’t seem to type correctly no matter where you mind is? Again, it seems as if your mind is one place and your fingers are elsewhere. And never the twain shall meet.

I took a full year of typing my sophomore year of high school and I never was very good on those old manual typewriters. In fact, I had several senior girls sitting around who began to feel sorry for me and were always trying to help (the teacher was not quite so understanding). But in the mid 1980’s when I was introduced to and began using computers, my typing improved and I was able to get by when I prepared my sermons.

Now I’m thankful for spell checkers to catch the majority of my errors but there are enough that slip through and that drives me nuts. So I have my wife proofread my sermons and that’s a big help. If she didn’t, what I rwite mihgt look ike this.

Keep working at it–you’ll get better. At least that’s my prayer!

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