Victoria Osteen Stepped In It This Time

One of the greatest charlatans of religion of our time, Joel Osteen, views his wife, Victoria, as Lakewood Church’s co-pastor. He might want to rethink that role for his wife after a comment she made at a recent service. Mrs. Osteen commented that, when we offer God our obedience and worship, we do this for the sake of our own happiness rather than for the glory of God. You can read about this in the Federalist article here.

This article presents very clearly the false doctrine (or is it lack of doctrine?) the Osteen’s spew out. Hans Fiene, the author, lays out the bogus message taught at Lakewood Church and to millions around the world via many media outlets. What Mr. and Mrs. Osteen claim to be a correct understanding of God is far, far from it. Their path of faith leads people away from Jesus, not to Him.

Maybe this will be the beginning of their followers coming to their senses and seek after the one true God. We can pray for such a 180 degree turnaround.

One thought on “Victoria Osteen Stepped In It This Time

  1. What would you expect her to say? 1) It’s the party line and 2) if she doesn’t believe that, there must be some interesting conversations going at home. And the problem is that once you start a lie, it becomes harder and harder for the truth to come out.

    Personally, I am more worried about all the people who are a part of their congregation. At some point in time, they will find out the falseness of what they have been hearing; then what will they do?

    I know too many people who are enthralled by what the Osteens preach and it is quite obvious that they cannot distinguish between the real God and the god that Osteen worships. And you would think that the lack of a cross on the stage of his auditorium would give them a hint.

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