Sometimes …

If you remember my story about my laptop’s need for a hard drive replacement from last week, you might be curious to know that I got the computer back on Monday and I’m happy to report that all my data was rescued. But a great many of my applications were not. I don’t have a good explanation for this other than to say it’s a lot easier to reinstall programs than attempting to recreate documents and the like.

It may be easier but to does take time. I have learned through two hard drive crashes that I was presented with a golden opportunity to weed out unnecessary and unused programs. It was not because my hard drive was filling up (far from that) but you can ask the question, “Do I really need (use) this program?” and discover the truth about some of those things that have been downloaded over the years.

It is basically a needs assessment and a priority check all rolled up into one. And that can be a very good thing.

It also works in other areas of life too. For example, we are most likely to change our ways and habits when we are confronted with a major crisis. My mother, when she was told that she had cancer and that smoking was not a good thing to do, quit that very day and never restarted again.

That was pretty dramatic but it illustrates my point that when a crisis comes our way, we are more open to changing various part of our lives. Think back through your life and I’ll bet you can identify one, if not several things, you’ve changed in how you live or think all because of a major turning point.

That turning point doesn’t always have to be seen as “negative” either. My recent wedding has introduced changes to my life–things I was either willing to give up or change significantly all because I was married once again. I’m happy to make these changes for me and for my wife. Life is just better because of them.

When you come up against a time of major change in your life, I encourage you to seek the Lord’s help for whatever issue you are facing. By reading His Word and coming to Him in prayer and asking for His guidance you can help make these decisions easier for you. Nothing is too small or too large for Him to handle!

My computer is back running like it did when it was new and the changes I have made in what I have on my hard drive helps. The changes you might need for your life, with the Lord’s help, might be just what you need.

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