I Didn’t Think a Pig Could Drink This Much

Talk about a headline making you want to read more: “Pig in Australia Steals 18 Beers From Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow”.

I’m not surprised a wild pig could break in a grab a beer, but 18 of them??!! I have seen some guys attempt to drink a lot but I don’t think they would be walking after 18 beers.

That’s one tough but stupid pig. Trying to take on a cow … what was he thinking? Oh yeah, he was drunk. He wasn’t thinking.

Let that be a lesson to all of us.


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Living in north central Arkansas among the trees and lakes serving the Lord in one of His churches. A lifelong Lutheran who cares greatly about God's Church. Recently married and enjoying life with my dear wife. Many interests--St. Louis Cardinals, NASCAR, and the St. Louis Blues!

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