Listening and Doing

This morning was time for our church’s monthly Men’s Fellowship meeting. The gentlemen of our congregation gather for breakfast, hearing God’s Word, learning about each other, and serving the Lord through our church and community.

Today’s project was to set up the basement for our Chili Supper coming up a week from this Friday. The task involved moving tables and chairs into position for the dinner.

That doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? And it’s not–as long as everybody working understood that their work was fine, until the ladies of the church gathered and arranged things the way they see as being best. Then everything would be properly in it’s place.

And there’s nothing wrong with proceeding with the attitude: we’ll do what we can but we know our wives will have a different way of seeing things.

Why do I say that? Husbands should know that they do the best they can to support their wives and family but there will be times when suggestions (OK, outright commands) will be given by their spouse that will seemingly undo the work just accomplished. Husbands also ought to know that they are loved by their wives as much as they themselves love their partners. They are working together, as a team, to build up their household with love and care for all members of that family. There will come moments when both have differences of opinion about how things should proceed and be handled. This is perfectly normal and should be expected. After all, God made us as unique individuals with our own thinking and doing.

How this plays out for couples is that the husband will listen to his wife and act in ways that demonstrate his love for her. There will be times when a couple will not be “like-minded” on a certain issue but they will work together for what is best for all.

That means the husband will carry out tasks knowing what he has done may not be exactly what his wife wants but because he loves her and cares for her, he will do what his asked of him. Then when suggestions are made to change things, husbands and wives will know that these are offered out of love and not a sense of superiority.

Oh, you say, what about those times when the reaction by one spouse towards the other is not very “Christ-like” in either carrying out the job or offering pointed thoughts about how the job was done? That’s where both husbands and wives need to take a look at what is in their heart and ask, “Am I doing what I am doing out of love or is it my pride getting in the way and making things much more difficult?”

The men at Grace this morning understood there is a real possibility what they did may be redone by the ladies of the church. But because they love these ladies and care for them, they want to help in any way possible. They listened to the request to set up the basement and they carried it out.

They also know that it will be out of love suggestions will be made in further arranging of the space. They will also assist in the moving of tables and chairs once again not because they were ordered to do so but so that what is best for all will be done. This will create harmony and a great environment to work in during the time of the Chili Supper.

Plus, no one could remember exactly how it was set up last time and all suggestions for improvement will be appreciated.

I’m taking pictures and drawing a diagram how this area is set up so that next year we can get it right the first time!

One thought on “Listening and Doing

  1. Not sure you nailed this one brother Bob! Of course it is done out of love for our spouse, because we still have to live with her! The real issue is would you rather be yelled at for being lazy and doing nothing (by leaving the tables down), or be yelled at for being incompetent and doing it wrong! As for me, I’ll incompetency any day because the next time after taking notes and doing it right you’ll look like a genius!

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