Speaking About Life in the Face of Death

Maggie Karner has written a clear message about how she will handle her life as she is preparing to die because of a brain tumor. You can read The Federalist post here.

I don’t know much about the situation involving Brittany Maynard, but I do understand the conflict one can feel as the end of life approaches. Having lived through the death of a spouse and two children I was offered a little insight in what people face. Those were the lives of others–I’m still here and have coped with the loss of loved ones.

But there is more to dying than being concerned only about oneself or one’s family. You see, it is very easy to step into the role of God at that time. When we’re frustrated with our quality of life, most of us would like to respond, “I can make better choices than anyone else about if I should live or die.”

The problem with that is we are not our own. We belong to our Heavenly Father who gave us breath and life. He cares for us everyday we are alive on this earth–even the days when all we can see is death. We may not like what is happening to us but we love our God enough to trust Him in every aspect of our life. He truly does know what is best for us even though we may violently disagree. We simply have to trust in Him for all our being. That’s not easy but I know, from personal experience, God has never failed me.

A side note: I have never met Mrs. Karner but I do know of her. Her husband, Kevin, was my successor at Grace Lutheran Church, Muncie IN. I have had them in my prayers for many years and I know the Lord will offer His grace and peace to the Karner family and all who are in need.

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