It’s Leaf Raking Time … Or Is It?

One of the tasks most homeowners have in the fall is that of raking leaves–big, gigantic, overwhelming piles of leaves. And for that reason (plus the leaves take forever to fall) not too many folks look forward to this autumnal job.

But here is a different viewpoint about those leaves that fall. I believe there is a lot of truth in the case made for mulching your leaves.

This was my belief when I lived in Fort Smith. Every fall I would just use the lawnmower to chop up the leaves (but I didn’t have many since there were no trees in my yard) that blew through. As there was no fence around the yard, I would wait until most of them had just passed on to the right or left of our house.

As there were more than 25 trees on the parsonage property in New Jersey, I got smart and hired someone to rake the leaves for me. Best decision I made back then.

Now, in Holiday Island, we have about 10 trees in our back yard and once again I have someone who will come in and clean up the leaves. Sure beats me walking on the hillside and breaking my neck.

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