Want Your Kids to Go to Church? Show Them Yourself.

A new study from the Association of Religious Data Archives gives the best way for parents to have their children remain active in church–the parents put their faith into action in their own lives and their children’s lives. You can read about it here.

I have seen this so many times throughout my ministry. It was reinforced for me when I returned to the congregation I served in Fort Smith AR a few weeks ago for their 75th anniversary celebration. There were several families present who had their children with them, some of the kids were in their late 20s!

Knowing the faith and life of the parents, I wasn’t surprised. They have done an excellent job of continually reinforcing the importance of a strong life with Christ in every aspect of their own lives. Their children watched mom and dad and have taken their model seriously for their own lives.

For many parents, the answer to their question about what can be done to keep their children in church all begins and ends with them. I never had a question about what was the highest priority in my home: it was always faith in God. If the option to play sports on Sunday mornings would have been available when I was a child, I can guarantee how my parents would have responded–NO! Church and Sunday school is all that we do on Sunday mornings. Sadly too many parents have lost their way when it comes to living a life which gives honor to God.

They may give lip service to their faith and may go to church irregularly, but their hearts aren’t in it and it shows to their children.

Want your children to go to church? Then you go to worship and mean it!

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