What I Could Say

I have not written much about the personal side of my life lately and that’s not because it is so dull. No, that is not the case. My life is filled with joy and happiness beyond what I could have ever hoped for.

I could say that I am happy not to be living in New Jersey today as they are experiencing less that optimum weather but that would be impolite. I could say that I am quite pleased to be in northern Arkansas where it is sunny and the expected high is to be in the low 50s but that might be rubbing it in.

I could say that I am appalled by what has taken place in my hometown this week but that would not begin to describe my feelings for the actions of some and how they affect many more in Ferguson MO. Mob actions are scary at most times but especially now when anger and frustration are the driving forces instead of the truth and acceptance of the fact that evil remains an active force in our world. May the Lord bring peace and quiet to those in the areas facing violence and vandalism. Maybe we ought to pray for a snowstorm in St. Louis like the East Coast is facing. That would take the starch out of many.

I could say I am thankful at Thanksgiving this year but that would not begin to describe my feelings at this time. My Lord has been so gracious to me in every aspect of my life that words of thanksgiving aren’t enough. I want to have my life reflect my joy for everything God has done!

I could say I am happy that football season is slowly drawing to a close but that’s not quite true. I am ecstatic that baseball season is not that far away! For those of you who live for this time of the year, with championships to be decided on both the college and professional levels, I am happy for you. Really I am.

I could say that I am grateful for seeing one of our members yesterday out and about after surgery last week but I also heard about a neighbor who has been taken to a nursing home due to declining health. May the Lord be gracious to both of these kind gentlemen and with all who are facing health concerns now.

I could say I am looking forward to our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow but I also realize that I must continue to watch what I eat and be reasonable in my choices for my plate. Otherwise my issues with weight will worsen.

I could say that I will celebrate the news of Jesus as my Savior–and I will. That news makes my celebration of Thanksgiving worthwhile and I pray so for you also.

Enjoy the holiday!

One thought on “What I Could Say

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your bride! Saw my Dr. yesterday…its wasn’t a pleasant visit…I have been put on a strict low salt low fat/cholesterol diet…which I told her that I would be happy to begin on Friday!!!

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