Flying Squirrels??

We have added bird feeders to our house this winter and have enjoyed seeing many different birds feeding. I haven’t seen one of the bald eagles at our feeders, which have taken up residence along our part of Table Rock Lake, but I don’t put out dead critters for them.

I might rethink that last thought if I can get my hands on the squirrels who attempt to steal from the bird feeders. When I bought our feeders, I never gave a thought to squirrels attacking them but I am a naive boy. You see, our feeders hang from the railing of our uppermost deck, about 25 feet about the ground. There are no tree branches close by so I thought we were covered for keeping squirrels out of the seeds.

Was I wrong! These wily scavengers quickly climb up the supporting posts to our deck, run along the railing and then jump to the feeders which are hanging 3 to 4 feet away. Once on the feeder they attempt to open the top (haven’t accomplished that yet) and failing to do so, will climb further down on the feeder and try to get the sunflower seeds out through the mesh.

Yesterday it was my pleasure to see one of these pests on the feeder, go outside and raise cane with him/her. I startled the squirrel so much it didn’t have time to scramble back on the railing and then scurry down the posts. Instead it took a flying leap into midair, landing in the yard beneath (remember, about 25 feet down) and then running away.

The day before my wife caught one who also made this death-defying jump but it crashed among the rocks around our plantings. It slowly got up, shook its head and cautiously walked away from the scene of the crime.

Barbara feels sorry for the squirrels but I’m thinking maybe it’s time I invest in a B-B gun and have a little fun. I know who’ll win that debate …

2 thoughts on “Flying Squirrels??

  1. We bought a “squirrel proof” feeder that cost $100 and was motorized by batteries to spin off anything heavy that sat on it. It took the squirrels 1 1/2 years to figure out how to burn out the batteries by jamming their feet in the seed portholes and holding onto the perching ring till the motor died so they could eat the seeds. We did have a lot of fun for 1 1/2 years watching them get catapulted into the bushes below!

  2. I use my granddaughters mini-marshmallow shooting toy gun. No permanent damage to the critter, keeps my eye sight sharp and gives great pleasure in seeing them high tail outta here

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