A Different Computer Perspective

If you don’t remember, I am an Apple computer user (have been since 1998) and I have steered away from Windows-based PCs for a very long time. I have watched, as the numbers of those using Apple products increase over the years, folks switching operating systems to the Mac OS. It has not always been easy but within a short period of time, most grasp very well how a Mac works for them.

My wife has been proof of this. Before we were married, she used only Windows computers. Now she is working on her own Mac (a Mac mini with a nice 24 inch screen) and she is surviving nicely. Sure, there are moments when she is a bit stumped in how to accomplish a certain task but by thinking it through, she is able to do what she wants.

Here is a different side of the switching computer story: a guy going from a Mac to a PC.

This account really doesn’t get into the actual using of the computer but rather digging through all the choices of the various PCs and then slogging through all the junk added to the computer which only messes things up. I suspect in the business world, the IT department deletes all this nonsense before the end user ever sees it but that’s not the way it is at home.

And then you have to wrestle with all the malware attempting to overtake your computer. Working with virus programs and their never-ending updates will really drive you to drink!

The excuse used to be there weren’t enough Macs in the world to make it worth the time of those writing the spyware and other stuff like that to go after Macs. That’s not the case anymore but still there are very few attacks on the Mac system. I am like most Mac users–we don’t have virus protection on our computers and are doing very well, thank you.

I thought you might like to read about the challenges of going from one operating system to another. It gives a good counterpoint view.

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