It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to the Weather Channel

Last week, the major news story was the impending snow storm along the East Coast. Having lived out east for several years, I can understand the mess a big storm can create among that many people and preparation should be made for any and all storms. But what really gets me is frenzy-whipping ability of today’s media in their attempt to get us to turn to them as our primary source of information when bad weather is approaching.

The biggest culprit is the The Weather Channel and I’m not alone in saying this. Read this article from and see if you don’t agree.

Living out in the middle of nowhere (at least as judged by those on both coasts of our country) and enjoying a mild winter, I only turn to local news channels for weather updates. I gave up on the Weather Channel a few years ago as it has dissolved into a entertainment-only mess. It gave up its main function of providing reliable weather forecasts when it was bought by NBC and it is unwatchable today.

Since I subscribe to satellite programming, my version of the Weather Channel is strictly their version of reality TV with only occasional national weather updates and is useless. There are other options I use on my computer and TV (through my Roku streaming video) that are much more helpful.

I really don’t believe that what Jim Cantore is doing today is what he imagined he’d be doing when he signed on with the Weather Channel. What a shame!

I pray you can find a better source of weather information that is not prone to overstating the situation.

One thought on “It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to the Weather Channel

  1. I agree with you. Once NBC took over it was all bells and whistles. I quit watching too. However, I do miss Jim Cantore reporting from the Jersey Shore during a Nor’Easter!

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