Overwhelmed by Your Electronic Devices? Read On

How often don’t we see this scene when dining out–picture a family with a dad, mom, and some kids all sitting together but not one of them paying attention to another. Rather, they are all staring at their smartphones and, not just for a moment but for minutes on end. Some great family time that is!

Here is an article from Cheryl Magness at The Federalist, that offers some helpful ways to break an addiction to electronic devices.

I enjoy keeping my iPhone away from me for much of the day. I take it out of my pocket while I’m at church and leave it on my desk. At home, it lays on a table behind our living room couch and I rarely look at it. That phone is for my use and I decide when that will be. If it hadn’t been for a sweetheart deal at Radio Shack (RIP) last spring where they sold us two new iPhones for $100 (no wonder they went bankrupt!), I probably would have gone for a very simple cell phone. I don’t use many of my phone’s features because they don’t interest me. My iPad is a slightly different story and I would fight you for that if you try to take it away.

Anyway, read through the article and see if there are things you can do to help your daily life. It may be a good change for you.

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