A Little Snow …

Other parts of the country have been dealing with very large amounts of snow this winter but northern Arkansas–not so much. Up until a few hours ago, the most we have seen was a light dusting a couple of weeks ago.

Even now, we have had more ice than snow and that’s not good. With our hilly terrain any ice will cause major problems. Plus, it may be a while before this stuff melts and with a lack of snow removal equipment the best advice for anyone is to stay at home.

That’s fine and I even prepared for the eventuality by bringing some things home from the office after church to work on today.

But I did discover one thing yesterday when I asked my wife where our snow shovel was. She paused before reminding me that I had told her last year before we moved to Holiday Island that we would not need a snow shovel again so we should just get rid of the one we had. Talk about a brain spasm! What was I thinking–no snow in Arkansas? I knew better.

Therefore, my standard joke about snow (God put it there and He’ll take it away) will now be put to the test. At least I did buy some salt or other such chemicals to sprinkle on the frozen stuff a few weeks ago. Almost thought I was going to be able keep the bag sealed the entire winter. Our Lord showed me how wrong I was.

I pray you are safe, wherever you are, during this latter part of winter.

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