40 Things to Give Up for Lent


I’m a day or two late with this but I just found out about what Pastor Phil Ressler of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Old Bridge NJ has written. I want you to read it now.

The idea of giving something up for the season of Lent has been around for quite some time. As Jesus sacrificed His life for us and our salvation, we could, in the days of Lent, also sacrifice (or give up) something of importance to us. Pastor Ressler gives us an excellent resource to accomplish that.

I have been of the mindset that instead of giving something up (like sweets) we should be doing something extra during Lent. Maybe visiting someone who could use some cheering up or reading a book that will enhance our faith but Phil touches on a great approach to sacrifice during Lent.

It is obviously you cannot give up all of these traits or habits very quickly–certainly not in 40 days. But this is an area of our lives where we can work to give them up and it may take the rest of our days here on earth. Also, this should not be limited to just the Lenten season but this is something we can work on, with God’s help, the entire year.

Give this some prayer and thought. I believe the benefits for you will be outstanding!

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